November 25, 2015


For now, please consider Drumz Of The South as a blog, dormant…Dormant, not dead!

There will no longer be posts about new music or music events, but may be the odd update regarding Drumz of the south related events, exhibitions and publications.

Hopefully you will still find the Drumz Of The South blog archive useful or entertaining.

 You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook. And my website is There you can view and purchase limited and open edition prints as well as view my latest news and work. 

I’m gonna take this chance to thank everyone that ever read a blog post… or checked my Flickr account. Being part of the early Dubstep scene and surrounding genres and having the opportunity to document and contribute to it was very special. I made lots of friends and contacts that I continue to stay in touch with and have had so many great experiences as a result.

Thankfully, I’ll never forget a lot of it because I have so many photos, which is partly why I took them. 🙂 I continue to contribute images to media as I when I get requests – we’re now at a point where Dubstep is firmly part of music history and articles and films are being made about the era.

These days, I also get people asking me to talk about and share my experiences to students. Which makes me feel old but also proud.

Here are some great features about early Dubstep and that era.
The Vice Oral History of Dubstep
RBMA: Night-clubbing – Dubwar
London ‘On a Regular’ from Rollo Jackson on Vimeo.

November 18, 2015

[ARCHIVED POST] Love for Lesvos / Hope for Paris

25% of all print sales towards supporting refugees in Lesvos

Hope, Paris, 2011. By Georgina Cook

My good friend Breezy, (singer and mother), is travelling to the Greek Island of Lesvos this week, to support the thousands of refugees that are there living in terrible conditions.

I could not go myself but really want to help also - the photos and stories I've been reading in for example, facebook groups like Refugee Child are shocking and very sad. So for this week 25% of all print sales will be donated to Breezy and the group of women who are going there to help.

Paris is a former home of mine and I am feeling the weight of recent events there but like many I am trying to focus on the beauty that is Paris - among the images for sale is this one of a rainbow next to The Seine - it can be interpreted as representing hope. I like the idea that sales of this and the other prints can go towards helping people in another part of the world. Love is the only way forward. xxx

"Hello Lovely Humans! so it is now a few days until i go to Lesvos and truth be told i'm feeling nervous about what i will see and experience when i am there... but your kindness and the kindness of the other volunteers is giving me strength and hope in humanity! so far I have raised £722.22 which is fantastic and i'm so thankful to those who have donated or sent messages of support! Obviously these horrible attacks that happened over the weekend have prompted more fear and suspicion of refugees but please remember that these attacks are exactly what these men, woman and children are running from in the first place! I believe that Love and compassion is the only way to stop the violence, whereas closing the borders and treating these innocent people like animals will only leave room for more hatred to breed... If you can donate then please do and if you can't then show love and compassion wherever you can. The world needs it!"
- Breezy.

Thanks to @Hark1Karan for the shout out!

Thanks to @Hark1Karan for the shout out in his GREAT feature about North Croydon. That's Upper Norwood, Crystal Palace, South Norwood, Thornton Heath, Norbury, Selhurst & Broad Green to you and me. "This side of town is predominantly working class. The community is hardworking and want to see the area improve in terms of investment and resources. This can help social mobility, increase motivation/aspiration and increase the chance of new opportunities being created."

- I get a mention in reference to Music Culture.
See more at:

September 06, 2010




August 29, 2010

new website

here's a new site for my photography.

a few glitches to sort out but nearly there.

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August 02, 2010

Bye bye MAH :(

mary anne at desk


MAH by name, Ma by nature; if anyone's held the growing dubstep scene tightly in her arms, fed it, nurtured it and helped it grow big and strong, it's Lady Mary Anne Hobbs. Sad to hear that she's leaving BBC Radio 1 after so long... good luck to her in the rest of her prolific outputtings ....

Her last show on BBC Radio1 will be broadcast:
September 8th>>9th … Wednesday night >> Thursday morning… 2-4am

Thank you so much for listening..


Ce Jour La

Reading Willy Ronis' Ce Jour La (in French I must add!)- beautiful black & white photos of Paris and other parts of Europe; they inspire me to go out on the streets more often capturing. Whilst I am largely a candid photographer of the same school of thought as Ronis (I guess) I still have a desire to make portraits yet still haven't gotten over my dislike / fear (whatever it is) of approaching strangers and asking for photos as for example Oleg Tolstoy (thanks to Foreign Beggars for linking to this guy on their facebook).

That said, I do feel myself getting closer and closer to people, barriers stretching and if I could speak the language, I think there'd be little problem. So here's hoping that my next visit back to London (soon!) will be fruitful in terms of street portraits.

In the meantime; here am I back in Paris after 2 weeks in the French countryside where I learnt how to eat properly, sitting on a wall at Hotel De Ville waiting for a friend and watching the world go buy. At this time of year, the Parisian world is largely non French and ever so slightly quieter.

Ce Jour La

watching the world go buy

this looks strangely as if the lady has been cut out and put there

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In the mist

Back in Paris

more Paris pics in my City of Light Flickr set:

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Love at first sight


And I'm experimenting with Black & White again

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Goodz is back!

Goodz 3

Download his new album for free from his site:

Jamaica + Real HipHop + suprises


Foreign Beggars

There was this MC on stage at the end of the last night of Sonar at first he was shouting a bit and I wasn't too keen; then he started bubbling, riding the beats. He was brilliant and I said so to Claire & TomDodd who informed me that he was Pavan from Foreign Beggars (who I'd sort of heard of); and that he'd played their night Plat Du Jour a few times. So I grabbed a couple of photos of him for them which meant luring him to the front of the stage with a couple of come here hand gestures; he subtly slinked to the front of the stage; I snapped then he slinked back. After the gig we all hung out of a whole 36 hours or so; and I've since had the pleasure of seeing Foreign Beggars live at Point Ephereme in Paris. It was like an explosion in a fireworks factory or something like that- as such I'm not at all suprised that they've been nominated for the Best European Hip Hop Award as part of the UMA's.

Look out for their Beggatron Remixed EP dropping soon (I was lucky enough to get a sneak-prehear and it's dope) ; in the meantime you can hear some great Foreign Beggars mixes here.

Photos by the fantastic Mar-One

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Yult & Tanya Auclair

Tanya Auclair

Yult & Tanya Auclair

Was invited to this gig by Tom Yult who was performing with Tanya Auclair at the launch of this year's Offf festival. Great stuff; Tanya's got a beautiful voice and powerful lyrics.

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Here are a couple of photos from an impromtue shoot with Subeena back in June who for the record is starting a new label called Opit Records; is singing on her tracks and has had one of them (Picture) included on the fabulous Surgeon's mix for Fabric.

Subeena 2


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July 16, 2010

Minds Locked Together

Below is a trailer for Shaun Bloodworth's Mind's Locked Together film created for Mary Anne Hobb's Sonar stage this year; of which the full video can be seen on his personal site.

Minds Locked Together (Trailer) from BRAINFEEDER on Vimeo.

I was fortunate enough to (finally!) meet Shaun at Sonar this year. What a nice bloke. I'm consistently in awe of his creative genius and this video takes it to another level (although - with no offence to Grevious Angel who provided the soundtrack- I personally prefer to watch it without sound).

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July 15, 2010


This is modern day d**step:

louder, prouder, internatty, bigger, bolder, circus tents, bubble guns, hundreds of cameras; DJs pon the mic

Loefah & Benga @ Cabaret Sauvage, Paris April 2010 filmed on my broken camera phone

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July 14, 2010

This past week has been about...

wondering if people still read...


(we listen at least)

paper work

Breaking Bad

re-designing websites


rain after the sun


June 28, 2010


Just back from a ridiculously good Glastonbury this weekend and haven't even managed to blog about the ridiculously massive Sonar yet (last weekend); Feel like I'm flying by the seat of my pants which oughta be Orange & White and emblazoned with the name Ryan as an homage to my pilots. The music in the head is undeniably Ravey; 90s resurgance? Yes please.

Little time to breathe in this unusually humid June weather; I think I have a June bug..
.I JUST WANNA DANCE. So until my heart stops beating so fast and I find time to update more thoroughly; I am leaving you with these photo galleries from Sonar via FACT magazine:

and point those of you who don't blink too often towards my
Twitter; Soundcloud and Facebook pages which track my recent movements and memories and currently feelin's through smaller byte-sized Tapas innit.

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June 09, 2010


New Doodles

ink heart


I cook them up at night

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